SDLC Tools

The following tools are available to help manage the SDLC process.  Request for access can be made via the Technology Support Center

  • Confluence: Online tool used for capturing and sharing information.
    • Templates are available.  Some examples are:
      • Requirements Management
      • Decision Making
      • Meeting Notes
      • How-to and Troubleshooting articles
      • Retrospectives/Lessons Learned
      • Project Tracking and Reports.
    • Integrates with Jira Bug/Issue Tracking
  • Jira:  Online Bug/Issue/Task/Project Tracking system
    • Plan work via versions and releases
    • Track and report on tasks, due dates, and effort
    • Track task status from start to finish via customizable workflow
    • Integrates with version control systems (Bitbucket) so any code changes can be tracked inside each ticket, version, and project.
  • Bitbucket: Web UI/Online remote Git repository manager
  • Source Tree:  Stand-alone application, leveraging Git version control system, for Macintosh and Windows computers
    • Simplifies the process of checkout, clone, commits, create tags, etc
    • Allows for managing multiple repositories
    • Tracks local and remote repositories
  • Bamboo: Continuous integration/release management
    • Build: create multi-stage build plans, setup triggers and assign agents
    • Test: run automated tests to regress your code
    • Deploy: release the code in different environments

Atlassian provides support documentation and videos here:


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