Activity 9 – Post Implementation


To successfully transfer maintenance responsibility of the software.  The software delivery team will provide detailed documentation and training to the software maintenance team.  This information will facilitate configuration, administration, and troubleshooting of common issues.

Entry Criteria

The software delivery team must present an approved Implementation Report and working software in the production environment.

Roles & Responsibilities

Software Delivery Team – Prepares all software documentation and manuals for the maintenance group.  The software delivery team will supply any requested training to help maintenance team technicians learn the solution’s behaviors.

Software Maintenance Team – Reviews all software documentation and supports the software until the terms of the maintenance agreement expire.

Review (Revision)

The software stakeholders will review the Maintenance Manual and Maintenance Agreement.  The manual or agreement may require revisions at any time.  Software stakeholders should review all changes.  Revision to the Maintenance Manual or Maintenance Agreement does not assume a mandate for additional work.


The Software Maintenance Manual requires stakeholder approval which may include a Maintenance Agreement.  A rejected Software Maintenance Manual/Agreement does not assume a mandate for additional work.

Exit Criteria

Once stakeholders approve the Software Maintenance Manual, the software exits Post Implementation and is in a state of ongoing support.  Request for software modification or end of life will be treated as a new request which is worked through the SDLC process from the Initiation stage.