Activity 8 – Implementation


The objective of the Implementation Phase is: first to install the software in the production environment and to bring it into operation; and second, to ensure that the software, as developed:

  • Satisfies the functional requirements
  • Satisfies the business needs;
  • Adheres to all mandates, physical constraints and service level agreements; and
  • Operates as described in the User and Operator Manuals

Entry Criteria

The system must successfully complete system, integration and user acceptance and have been judged acceptable by the business, technical, and management stakeholders.  Maintenance Manual has been delivered to Software Delivery Team.

Roles & Responsibilities

Software Delivery Team – Prepares all software documentation and  manuals for the maintenance group.  The software delivery team will  supply any requested training to help maintenance team technicians learn  the software’s behaviors.  Once the software delivery team transfers  responsibility to the maintenance team, it should be added to the supported application inventory.

Software Maintenance Team – Reviews all software documentation,  prepares the software maintenance plan, and supports the software until the terms of the maintenance plan expire.

Release Manager – Authority responsible for approving release of software to production.

Customer – Sponsors and signs off team effort; reviews strategy and artifacts.

End User – Final users of the system.

Review (Revision)

Revisions are made if issues/bugs are discovered in production and rollbacks or new releases are required.


Release Manager and Customer verify successful implementation of software.

Exit Criteria

The Implementation Phase completes when the software has been successfully made operational and demonstrates the satisfaction of all business and technical requirements through review and sign-off by release manager and customer in the Implementation Report; and the Maintenance Manual has been delivered to Software Maintenance Team, the Training Manual has been delivered to the Trainer/End User, and the User Manual has been delivered to the End User.


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