Activity 2 – Planning


The objective of this phase is to develop a project charter (for above threshold projects), project management plan, and a project budget plan, where appropriate, that will lead to a successful project.

Entry Criteria

The planning activity is initiated by receiving an approved Project Evaluation Form (artifact of Initiation activity).

Roles & Responsibilities

Sponsor – The principle authority on matters regarding the expression of business needs, the interpretation of functional requirements language, and the mediation of issues regarding the priority, scope and domain of business requirement.

Project Manager – The person with the overall responsibility and authority for the day-to-day activities associated with a project.

Participating contractors – Their roles and responsibilities and the phases of the project that they are involved in must be clearly identified.

Other stakeholders – If there are other stakeholders in the project, what needs to be done to satisfy them must be clearly identified.

Common Artifacts

Project Charter/Definition Document: The project charter should:

  • Identify sponsors and define their responsibilities
  • Assign Project Manager
  • Identify other stakeholders
  • Have an estimate of project costs
  • Provide processes and procedures for requirements management, project tracking, contractor management, verification and validation, quality assurance, change management, and risk management.
  • Define Scope Boundary to limit propagation of scope-creep. Charter should clearly state both what IS within the purview of the project and what is NOT.

Project Management Plan: The project management plan should:

  • Define project schedule
  • Identify the resource requirement and allocated resources
  • Define Breakdown of tasks and their dependencies
  • Include cost estimation and project budget plan
  • Provide cost and schedule performance measurement
  • Schedule Milestones and reviews
  • Include an acquisition plan to define how the needed resources will be obtained and when

Periodic project status reports: The period of status reports should follow the procedures defined in project communication plan. It should provide the sponsor and stakeholders with progress status of the project and compare the actual status with the forecast.

Review (Revision)

Charter and Project Management Plan need to be reviewed by the executive sponsor, project manager, and IT and functional leadership.


Project Charter: Approval of project charter is required to authorize the project manager to move into the Execution Phase. The approved charter will be signed by the appropriate stakeholders and IT Senior Leadership.

Project Management Plan: Approval of project management plan is required for initiation of the business requirement phase. The appropriate stakeholders and IT Senior Leadership approves the project management plan.

Exit Criteria

Planning is complete when the Project Charter, the project budget, and Project Management Plan are approved.


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