Activity 6 – Integration and Testing


The objective of this phase is   to perform system integration testing of the developed system. The systems integration test function  is to ensure that the developed systems meet all the technical  requirements with the components and subsystems integrated. The system  test may require any number of additional tests depending on the scope  and complexity of the requirements; examples include: security,  conformance, accessibility, performance, stress, compatibility, and  regression tests.

Entry Criteria

Before entering the Integration and Test Phase, the entire system must be ready for assembly and subsequent integration testing.  This means:

  • All software and hardware configuration item components have been constructed and successfully tested (Developed system has passed a Test Readiness Review).
  • All integration plans are prepared
  • The Transition Plan for existing data and processes that will be reused is complete.

Roles & Responsibilities

Project Manager – Resolve resource, scheduling, budget issues; review and report progress.

Developer – Assist with building tests and analysis of test results.

Database Administration Group – Assist with integration of the solution design and data conversion tests.

Implementation manager – Assist with analysis of test results.

Integration manager – Assist with analysis of test results.

Types of Tests Team
Subsystem Integration Test Construction
System Tests to insure developed systems meet  all technical requirements Test
Security Tests to validate access and data  security requirements are met Test and Security Manager

If formal pre-production (testing, staging) environments are required  for testing and staging then this phase could initiate migration of a  developed system package from development environment into  pre-production environments.  Some tests may begin at the end of the  construction phase as a test-readiness check for the developed system.   Further, in this situation, configuration and deployment instructions  from the construction phase may also be reviewed and included in the  testing as preparation for moving through this phase into the  implementation phase.

Review (Revision)

Review should address (1)Integration and Test activity status, (2) planning for all subsequent life cycle phases, (3) resource availability status.


IT staff

Exit Criteria

To exit the Implementation and Test Phase, it is necessary that all major testing be complete to the satisfaction of the business, technical and management stakeholders.  In particular, the following tests must complete successfully (System Test, Integration Test) from the test report.


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