MVC Frameworks

MVC (Model-View-Controller) frameworks provide an organized structure for developing applications using defined layers of abstraction.  Frameworks such as CodeIngitor, Spring, etc. typically include helper utilities, common libraries, compilers and API's to help streamline code development.

There are three interconnected components in a typical MVC framework:

  • Model - Models are the data structure of the application.  Objects such as SQL queries and API's would be defined in the model layer.
  • View - Views contain the presentation layer - i.e. HTML and other visual constructs that render the user interface (UI).
  • Controller - Controllers handle the processing of UI input and direct or convert instructions for Models and Views.

CodeIgnitor and Laravel are two commonly used open-source PHP frameworks.  Spring is a popular Java framework.  C# and VB are often used with .NET Framework.

As updated framework versions are released, developers should upgrade their environments accordingly.